each election is a choice between futures


Our vote on November 4th 2008 will be more than a choice between two candidates, it will be our last chance to undo the blunders of our past two elections. With each vote we will dictate a future that could be either out of control and lethal, or in harmony with nature and humanity. That future belongs to our kids more than us, so let’s think forwardly and act presently.
download poster: make-a-sign / things: evolution-wear


2 Responses to “each election is a choice between futures”

  1. mdangear Says:

    Vote to get a free:
    Cup of Starbucks Coffee
    Wilco Song
    Scoop of Ice Cream
    Flu Shot
    Star-shaped Doughnut

  2. mdangear Says:

    And the people say: “Hope!”
    Historic moments, we will remember November 4th, 2008


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