GMO/nuclear may secure our future, or prevent it

will nuclear GMO save the planet

The argument for adopting GMO and nuclear:
1. We can’t quit consumption
2. Developing countries are joining us in this addiction
3. Fossil fuel is unsustainable
4. GMO/nuclear technologies are cleaner than earlier ones

We all know the counter arguments. Couldn’t we at least try to adapt without selling our children’s soul to the devil? Let’s give clean tech a chance!

Stewart Brand goes from cons to PROS and Harvey Wasserman stays CONS.

machines & nature cannot breath the same air

That is, machines and organisms cannot breath the same air for much longer. “…it transforming the atmosphere of our planet and making it unbreathable. How can we accept such a mindless, deceptive and collective suicide of our entire species?_Albert Jacquard

This REMIX is based on Jean-Luc Godard’s seminal 1967 “Weekend” and specifically the traffic jam sequence. This movie foreshadowed the Parisian riots during the Spring of 1968, in which so many cars turned into burning barricades.